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Lebanese Wines – Ancient and Highly Awarded

The history of Lebanese wines dates back over 5,000 years with recent archaeological discoveries documenting its history and trade by the Phoenicians. Lebanon’s wines are also world-renowned with its leading wine, Chateau Musar, winning many awards and recently named in the top ten admired wine brands in the world. We have secured the 2012 vintage for this year’s En Route to Beirut gala dinner.


WLCU Sydney raised and allocated over $120,000 in its first financial year. This was made possible by the generosity of members, friends and sponsors. This article provides an update on where funds have gone as well as an update on WLCU Sydney achieving charitable status. Our next step is registering for DGR status, which will allow donors to receive a tax deduction for donations.

WLCU World President letter to UNSCOL 

During late July 2021 our World President WLCU, Mr Stephen Stanton, presented to the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL), Ms Joanna Wronecka. World President Stanton affirmed the WLCU’s commitment and responsibility to co-ordinate and co-operate with the United Nations (UN) and the UNSCOL, and the need for the UN to undertake determinative diplomacy.

World Leaders acknowledge the First Anniversary of the Beirut port explosion.  

On the first anniversary of the Beirut Port explosion, leaders from around the world have acknowledged the horrific tragedy, the overdue need for an investigation, and the resilience of the Lebanese people. Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison, specifically wrote to the WLCU and in his message he announced “to the people of Lebanon, we honour the memory of those you have lost and share in your anguish and heartbreak. We pray for justice for the victims and there will be better…

 VALE President Tony Saad

With heavy hearts and great sadness, we extend our condolences on the passing of the late Tony Saad, former WLCU NSW President and Regional Secretary of the Australia and NZ GRC. May his soul rest in peace.

RECIPE – Riz bi Haleeb (Lebanese Rice Pudding)

A comforting and scrumptious Lebanese desert, Riz bi Haleeb adds aromatic flavours to the universal rice pudding. This recipe uses Jasmine rice, as well as a combination of rose water and orange blossom water for distinctly Lebanese flavours.

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