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Lebanese Film wins Cannes Film Festival Award

Lebanese Australian journalist and filmmaker Daizy Gideon was honoured at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival for her documentary Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour. This film won the Festival’s “Movie That Matters Award”.

Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour is a documentary filmed over four years and shot over four continents exposing the current state of corruption. Daizy prosecutes her case with many exclusive and controversial interviews with key political leaders. On accepting the award, Daizy commented: “Our country is in a state of complete annihilation, by a group of people who are no longer leaders, but instead rapists of our nation.”

We are also pleased to mention that Daizy is planning to attend our En Route to Beirut event later this year.

WLCU Sydney congratulates Daizy on her outstanding achievement and recent Award at the Cannes Festival, well done!

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