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The Inaugural Dr Charles Malik Award

The Museum of Beirut is a must see for anyone going to Lebanon.  It contains over one thousand objects, all of which have been found only in Lebanon. In this article, WLCU President Dr Shane Geha explores one very amazing object in the Museum, which is an elaborate mosaic dating back to the 2nd Century AD: The Mosaic of the Seven Wise Men (Asshaa Al Hukamaa).

HSC Distinguished Achievers Awards 2022

The World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) of Sydney will be presenting its Annual HSC Distinguished Achievers Awards to our Australian Lebanese youth, who have achieved outstanding results in the 2021 HSC.  This includes all students with Lebanese ancestry, on either side of their family.

RECIPE – Riz bi Haleeb (Lebanese Rice Pudding)

A comforting and scrumptious Lebanese desert, Riz bi Haleeb adds aromatic flavours to the universal rice pudding. This recipe uses Jasmine rice, as well as a combination of rose water and orange blossom water for distinctly Lebanese flavours.

Tawle (طاوله) – Traditional Lebanese Board Game

Tawle (meaning “table”) is a traditional Lebanese boardgame which has been played for centuries and has long held a significant place in Lebanese history, culture and identity. In recent years, there has been a resurgence and new appreciation of Tawle particularly in younger generations both in Lebanon and the Lebanese diaspora of the western world notably in Australia and America.

The Cedars of Lebanon

The cedar tree (cedrus libani) is the national emblem of Lebanon. It is a symbol of resilience, strength, and eternal life.

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