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World Leaders acknowledge the First Anniversary of the Beirut port explosion.  

On the first anniversary of the Beirut Port explosion, leaders from around the world have acknowledged the horrific tragedy, the overdue need for an investigation, and the resilience of the Lebanese people.

Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison, specifically wrote to the WLCU and in his message he announced “to the people of Lebanon, we honour the memory of those you have lost and share in your anguish and heartbreak. We pray for justice for the victims and there will be better days for this timeless and beautiful land…”.

WLCU World President, Stephen Stanton, said “The WLCU stands in solidarity with the victims, it mourns the dead and it echoes the plea for justice, transparency and an independent investigation that must be convened and enabled to undertake the deliberations that are so justly sought but more importantly, deserving of Lebanon’s beleaguered populace.” President Stanton explained that “The United Nations and all other nation states as citizens of the world order have both a moral duty and an obligation to have this crime against humanity investigated.”

US President Joe Biden has pledged $100 million in further support to Lebanon and has also called for essential political reform. The American President said “the people of Lebanon have suffered more over the past year because of an avoidable political and economic crisis.”

It is very pleasing to see that the World Leaders have provided messages of solidarity and support given the first anniversary of the Beirut Blast, and we believe it is important we share these statements with our community. The WLCU is pleased to provide links to the above statements as well as statements made by the Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.


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