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WLCU World President letter to UNSCOL 

By Stephanie Wigan and Paul Shalhoub

At a time when the world marked the first anniversary of the Port of Beirut explosion; the current devastation, socio-economic turmoil, poverty and political unrest within Lebanon has attracted international concern, fears and media coverage. 

During late July 2021 our World President WLCU, Mr Stephen Stanton, presented to the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL), Ms Joanna Wronecka. World President Stanton affirmed the WLCU’s commitment and responsibility to co-ordinate and co-operate with the United Nations (UN) and the UNSCOL, and the need for the UN to undertake determinative diplomacy. 

Photo: WLCU World President Stephen Stanton

World President Stanton addressed the mission to serve Lebanon and its people in every facet whether it be through responding to emergencies, preventing conflict, reducing poverty, supporting good governance, supporting human rights and promoting gender equality. 

Reference was made to the recent attempts to form government in Lebanon, along with the corruption, bribery, theft and tax evasion which are running rampant whilst Lebanon is in the midst of its worst economic crisis. The World President highlighted the overarching need for the UN to respond to the populace of Lebanon, to come to the aid of Lebanon by seeking diplomatic intervention, and to ensure that it is only worthy and entitled individuals who participate in the political and public affairs on behalf of the country.  

It was submitted that the WLCU encourages UNSCOL to maintain and ensure that the Lebanese Armed Forces, as the one institution in Lebanon steadfast in maintaining the rule of law, are supported and promoted. 

In concluding, World President Stanton expressed the sentiment shared by all who are watching the destruction and suffering taking place in Lebanon, as he stated: 

“ …the rest of us need to draw breath and take heed as we can no longer sit by and await an outcome that is neither rooted in hope nor deserving of optimism”.

A link to World President Stanton’s Presentation is provided below for your reference:

WLCU NGO Committee meeting with UNSCOL responsible in Lebanon Mrs Joana Wronecka – World Lebanese Cultural Union

We take this opportunity to thank World President Stanton for his ongoing representation in the international arena, and his eloquent requests to the United Nations for assistance on behalf of the people of Lebanon. 

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