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27 August 2020: Annahar Newspaper

Lebanon has had enough division and the efforts of the WLCU are aimed at helping victims.

Dr Shane Geha an Australian Lebanese of the new generation, possesses scientific talents and nationalistic attitudes and a social vision, that he has brought with him, to use in his capacity as President of the World Lebanese Cultural Union of New South Wales. He aims to serve in those matters as they relate to the WLCU in Australia: the secular country that respects the rights of the individual and its organised and ordered society.

New Board Elected for WLCU NSW in 2020

World Lebanese Cultural Union of Sydney Inc officially adopted international WLCU constitution and in return has been acknowledged as the official branch of the international body. EG Property Group’s Founder and Managing Director, Dr Shane Geha was officially elected as President of WLCU Sydney. Mr Pierre Chami was elected as Vice President, Mr Richard Melki as the Treasurer and Petronella Fakhry as the Secretary. The following Board members were also elected Hassan Sakr, Laudy Farah-Ayoub and George Bousamra. World President of the WLCU,…

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