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Lebanese Wines – Ancient and Highly Awarded

The history of Lebanese wines dates back over 5,000 years with recent archaeological discoveries documenting its history and trade by the Phoenicians. Lebanon’s wines are also world-renowned with its leading wine, Chateau Musar, winning many awards and recently named in the top ten admired wine brands in the world. We have secured the 2012 vintage for this year’s En Route to Beirut gala dinner.

RECIPE – Riz bi Haleeb (Lebanese Rice Pudding)

A comforting and scrumptious Lebanese desert, Riz bi Haleeb adds aromatic flavours to the universal rice pudding. This recipe uses Jasmine rice, as well as a combination of rose water and orange blossom water for distinctly Lebanese flavours.

Ghraybeh – Lebanese Butter Cookies

Ghraybeh are delicious and delicate Middle Eastern cookies that melt in your mouth. Whilst every effort is made to ensure traditional recipes are provided, it is acknowledged that every Lebanese village will have its own ‘special touches’. Thus the recipes passed down from one generation to another often vary slightly from village to village. We view this as part of the rich Lebanese culture.

Food Hampers Reaches Recipients in Beirut

The New President of the Cultural Union of New South Wales, Shane Geha, is aiming and preparing and enjoys great vocational experience and ambition to put the Union on a track to success. Geha visited El Telegraph’s offices with treasurer Richard Melki and Board Members George Bousamra and Hassan Sakr. They are members of a new Organisational Board, with Secretary Petronella Fakhry and Vice President Pierre Chami and Member Laudy Farah Ayoub.

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