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Youth Harbour Cruise Event 2022

By Cedric Barakat (WLCU Sydney Youth President)

On Friday 23 September 2022, the WLCU Youth hosted its first joint Harbour Cruise Event with YALA (Young Adult Lebanese Association). The Event was designed to encourage the younger generation of WLCU members and friends to network and enjoy our beautiful city. The Harbour Cruise took place in a picturesque setting of beautiful Sydney Harbour, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House looking magical in the nightlight.

The night began as do many others, with the right mix of excitement and glamour. With nearly 200 attendees, the event was shaping up to be magical, and it truly was. With excellent food, fantastic music and even better people, the crowd enjoyed a fantastic time.

There was a fantastic spread of food to be enjoyed catering for all tastes, ranging from pizza to stir-fries and pies. The dancefloor was “wel3aneh”, with the Lebanese music picking things up for us, the tabell and zamoorr on cue as is custom at all of our big events. No WLCU or YALA function would be complete without the dabke either.

However, what made the night so special was not just the great music, beautiful people and views, but the fact that everyone was there for one common reason: to celebrate their heritage as Lebanese Youth. This bond which ultimately unites all of us diaspora was palpable in the air, with a many “ahlahs”, “yallahs” and “marrhabahs”.

The views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House served as the perfect backdrop for the night, for this was a celebration of being Lebanese within the beautiful land that opened its arms for us and our families allowing us to flourish.

The success of the Youth Harbour Cruise helps to reinforce in all those who attended that the future burns brightly with promise and potential for our youth. As is strongly encouraged by the WLCU Sydney, the Harbour Cruise was a wonderful opportunity to allow the younger generation of Lebanese Australians to network and celebrate our Lebanese heritage.

Indeed, with solid foundations and an ongoing desire to promote and celebrate all that our Homeland stands for, the fire of our heritage and culture burns bright within our blood, and will remain so for generations to come.

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