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In Our Community – A Note Of Thanks From The Homeland

The WLCU Sydney has recently received a note of thanks from the Homeland, which we consider pertinent to share with our Members. The WLCU Sydney is grateful for your ongoing support, which allows us the opportunity to assist those in such times of need. 

Below is the English translation of the thank you note from Father Charbel El Khoury of Jubeil Maronite Church in Beirut:

To the World Lebanese Cultural Union – Sydney Australia

Warm Greetings,

By your kind direction, yet another item of good has been added to goodness.  This is through you sending 10 food boxes and 50 packets of Panamax to the Church of the Lady of Amsheet.  And by your wishes, this generous touch of God’s merciful blessing has come to help God’s people and those of this entire Earth, which is currently beset with difficult economics.  This is especially so in your mother country, Lebanon.  Truly, the antidote of misfortune is the act of giving….

May God sure up the steps upon your path.  And with the spirit of gratitude and with prayer, thank you for your contribution.  We are grateful for your donation and for caring for us and our church.  And also for the nation for which you have bestowed your faithful affection as sons of Lebanon.

Parish Priest

Father Charbel El Khoury

Jubeil Maronite Church” 

To read the thank you note in Arabic, please see below.

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