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WLCU Visit to the Office of Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper

The president of the World Lebanese Cultural Union of New South Wales, the engineer Dr Shane Geha, visited the offices of Al-Mustaqbal, accompanied by new board members Mr Richard Melki and George Bousamra. The delegation discussed with Mr Joseph Khoury, the commencement of a new initiative with members of the Australian Lebanese community and the Australian Government. And the New South Wales Chapter, headed by Dr Geha, will work continuously in upholding the name of the community in Australia and the world. And the chapter has begun collecting donations to assist Lebanon during its current crisis. And Dr Geha said that the donations that have been received are from every part of the community, some even Australians of non-Lebanese decent.


WLCU Sydney: Lebanese Emergency Fund

In the aftermath of the incomprehensible tragedy that has just befallen the beautiful city of Beirut, the WLCU Sydney has raised $35,000 within two weeks. This entire amount will be used to purchase food hampers for the needy of Beirut, with a priority being those citizens most in need.

With the money raised, the WLCU Sydney will be able to feed some 700 families for five weeks each. Each hamper will include:
5 L Imported Oil, 5 kg White Rice, 3 kg Sugar, 3 kg Burghol, 3 kg Green Lentile, 3 kg Pasta, 3 kg All Purpose Wheat Flour, 2 kg Hummus, 2 kg White Beans Fasoulia, 1 kg Salt, 1 kg Popcorn, 1 kg Tomato Paste and 1 kg Vegetable Ghee Samneh.


WLCU Sydney Committee

On 24th July 2020, The World Lebanese Cultural Union of Sydney Inc officially adopted the International WLCU Constitution. This makes the WLCU Sydney the officially-recognised branch of the WLCU in New South Wales.

EG Property Group’s Founder and Managing Director, Dr Shane Geha was officially elected as President of WLCU Sydney. Mr Pierre Chami was elected as Vice President, Mr Richard Melki as the Treasurer and Mrs Petronella Fakhry as the Secretary. The following Board members were also elected Mr Hassan Sakr, Mrs Laudy Farah-Ayoub and Mr George Bousamra.

World President of the WLCU, Mr Stephen Stanton SC, presided over proceedings and acknowledged each member of the new committee, as being proud Australian Lebanese. Mr Stanton SC reminded all members of the richness of Lebanese culture and of the legacy that the Lebanese have made in the diaspora. Although modern Lebanon is currently ravaged with economic hardship, there is still a wonderful Lebanese heritage always to be proud of.


WLCU Sydney’s Vision for 2020

The WLCU Sydney’s two main goals over the next 24 months will be firstly to showcase the best of Lebanese culture, food, literature, music, performance and visual art. Secondly, through fundraising activities, collect charitable donations to aid those less fortunate both in Australia and Lebanon.

The events will serve several purposes including the promotion of Lebanese culture to the Australian community and in the diaspora. Also to create stronger cultural and humanitarian links between Lebanese Australians and the broader community.


About The World Lebanese Cultural Union

The World Lebanese Cultural Union is an independent non-government organisation registered by the United Nationals. It was established in 1959 to ensure the preservation and the enhancement of the collective contributions made by the people of Lebanon. Their aim is to enhance, promote and foster the spirit of cultural pride, integration and allegiance of the Lebanese people throughout the Diaspora to their host nation.

The WLCU is a worldwide organisation with branches in Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and South-East Asia. They will support Lebanon’s pursuit of world peace and the attainment of peaceful co-existence for the citizens of Lebanon and within the world.

Within Australia, The WLCU will reach out to those who contribute to a culture in every way including culinary, literature, music, performance and visual art.

In reaching its longer-term objectives, The WLCU will always aim to achieve the following:

  • to enhance, promote and foster the spirit of cultural pride, integration and allegiance of the Lebanese people throughout the Diaspora to their host nation;
  • to share in and promote for the benefit of their adopted nations; within the Diaspora in all fields (particularly in education, culture and societal values of the Lebanese folklore and history promoted by the WLCU as a cultural and philanthropic institution on a strictly non-profit basis); and
  • to declare that the WLCU’s Mission Statement is consistent with the principles of the Charter of the UN.

The WLCU Sydney hopes to achieve all of the above aims, in working harmoniously to the benefit of all members of the community.

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